Food Microbiology and Safety


Food microbiology is the scientific study of microorganisms that naturally occur in or contaminate foods, as well as microorganisms used to produce foods, such as yogurt, cheese, beer and wine. Faculty working in Food Microbiology and Safety are interested in both beneficial and contaminating microorganisms across the entire food chain—from farm to fork.

Current research focuses on the development and application of advanced technologies to evaluate factors that impact the safety and quality of foods during production, harvest, processing, packaging, storage, distribution and final consumption.


Food Microbiology and Safety Faculty Researchers:

  • Griffiths Atungulu: grain management for mycotoxin control, post-harvest systems engineering, grain processing, electromagnetic energy-driven processes (infared, microwaves and UV light)
  • Jennifer Acufffood processing interventions; post-harvest, ready-to-eat and low-moisture food safety
  • Phillip Crandall: retail food safety, sanitation practices
  • Kristen Gibson: virology, fresh produce, retail food safety, environmental surface transmission
  • Jeyam Subbiah: low moisture food safety, food safety engineering
  • Tomi Obe: food safety, poultry processing interventions and microbiology, bacterial attachment and biofilm formation, processing plant sanitation