Jeyam Subbiah

Jeyam Subbiah

Professor and Department Head

(DREX)-Director Experiment Station

(FDSC)-Food Science

Phone: 479-575-6919

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Dr. Jeyamkondan Subbiah is Professor and Head of the Department of Food Science.  Previously he served as Kenneth E. Morrison Distinguished Professor of Food Engineering with joint appointments in the departments of Food Science & Technology and Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  His research interest includes advanced food manufacturing, food safety engineering, multiphysics modeling, instrumentation for food quality, and food-energy-water nexus.  He has used research-based instructional technologies such as just-in-time teaching, flipped classroom, and student response system in his teaching to improve students’ engagement.  He completed an academic leadership training program, lead21 in 2017-18. 

Advanced food manufacturing, food safety engineering, multiphysics modeling, instrumentation for food quality, and food-energy-water nexus.

Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering, Oklahoma State University, USA         

M.S. in Biosystems Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada

B.E. in Agricultural Engineering, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India

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Professor and Department Head, Food Science, University of Arkansas                                         2019-present

Faculty member (Assistant - Distinguished Professor), University of Nebraska-Lincoln                    2004-2019

Research Engineer, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater                                                                2000 – 2004

  • Research Award of Merit, Gamma Sigma Delta – The Honor Society for Agriculture, 2017.
  • Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students, University of Nebraska Teaching Council and Parents Association, 2016, 2008.
  • Engineer of the Year, Nebraska Section of the ASABE, 2014.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service as an Associate Editor for the Information & Electrical Technologies Division, ASABE, 2011.
  • Young Engineer of the Year award, Mid-Central Section of American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 2009.
  • Junior Faculty Recognition for Excellence in Research, Agriculture Research Division, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2008.
  • Certificate for Outstanding Contribution to Undergraduate Research, UCARE Program of the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, 2008