Food Science Seminar is a graduate-level course that allows current food science students to present and discuss their current research projects. Seminars are held on Mondays from 3:05 to 3:55 p.m., in person and via Zoom.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, please contact the instructor, Dr. Jennifer Acuff at 

Instructor: Jennifer Acuff, Ph.D 

Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule:


Presenter & Presentation Title


Overview of FDSC Seminar: Grading and Course Expectations

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Acuff


Writing Abstracts and Introductions; Poster Design and Presentations

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Acuff


Seminar Presenation Tips; Thoughtful Questions, Answers, and Feedback

Presenter:  Dr. Jennifer Acuff


M.S. Proposal: Impact of Alternative Packaging on Grape (Vitis) Wine Quality

Speaker: Mark Bartz

Ph.D. Proposal: Rice Material State Diagrams: Trends of Contemporary Cultivars

Speaker: Arda Tuhanioglu


M.S. Proposal: Generation of Sorghum Protein Concentrates with Enchanced Functionality
Speaker: Nafisa Sadaf

Ph.D. Proposal: Characterization of Low-Moisture Food Persistent Bacterial Populations and Impacts of Nutrient Type, Moisture Ratio, and Relative Humidity

Speaker: Manita Adhikari


Ph.D. Proposal: Intervention Practices to Adress Low-Moisture Food Persistent Bacterial Populations (LMF PBP)
Speaker: Kavita Patil

M.S. Exit: Role of Carbohydrate Source as Part of a Higher Protein Diet on Markers of Metabolic Syndrome (MAPS)

Speaker: Ada-Miette Josephine Thomas


M.S. Exit: Utilization of Solar Ovens as an Alternative to Conventional Cooking Methods in Haiti

Speaker: Isaac Mergner

M.S. Exit: Use of X-Ray Imaging to Elucidate Impacts of Drying Approach on Rice Seed Health Parameters

Speaker: Samuel Olayiwola Olaoni


M.S. Exit: Effects of Soil Contamination on the Efficacy of Antimicrobial Washes for Contaminated In-Shell Pecans

Speaker: Erin Ramsay

M.S. Exit: Securing Rice Safety through Innovative Radiative Heat Treatment and Proper Storage

Speaker: Faith Achieng Ouma


Spring Break- No Class


M.S. Exit

 Speaker: Arshpreet Kaur Khattra

M.S. Exit

Speaker: Sumanjot Kaur


M.S. Exit: Use of Gaseous Ozone to Improve the Safety of Low Moisture Foods
Speaker: Rashmi Rangaswamaiah

M.S. Exit: Generating Health-Promoting Bioactive Compounds and Nano Porous Materials from Rice Processing Byproducts, Mainly Husk and Bran via Supercritical Carbon Diocide Technology

Speaker: Evans Ameyaw Owusu


M.S. Exit: Quantification of Allelochemicals from Sweet Potato

Speaker: Diane Ngebich

Ph.D. Exit: Health Benefits of Black Raspberry, Blueberry, and Blackberry Volatile Extract

Speaker: Inah Gu


Ph.D. Exit: Radiofrequency and Gaseous Technologies for Enchancing the Microbiological Safety of Low Moisture Food Ingredients

Speaker: Surabhi Wason


Guest Speaker: Tomi Obe


Ph.D. Exit: Development of Sensory and Emotional Interventions for Improving Eating Quality of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Speaker: Asmita Singh