Group photo of students and faculty in front of Food Science Department Building

Food Science at the University of Arkansas is ranked 2nd out of 53 programs in the nation for Scholarly Research in 2017 and 2016.  Some of our project-based courses are Food chemistry, Food Safety and microbiology, Food engineering, Food Analysis, Food Sensory and Nutrition Science.

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What is Food Science?






January 13   

Classes begin

January 20

University Closed, MLK

March 9

Sensory Science Journal Club (4:40 E3)

March 23-27

Spring Break (University offices open)

March 27

Office Closed 

 May 1

Dead Day

May 4-7

Finals Week

May 8-9



Location: FDSC D1/D2 (2650 N. Young Ave.)

Time: 3:05 PM - 3:55 PM


1 Andrea Myers: Arkansas fresh‐market blackberries: Identifying unique attributes and harvest practices that impact marketability

2 Shady Jeesan: Optimizing immersive technology condition for measuring consumer perception and acceptance of food products

Mar. 2

1 Asmita Singh: Development of sensory and emotional interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

2 Michelle Oppong Siaw: Applying a material science approach to optimize rice processing performance

Mar. 9

1 Reza Moltaji: Effects of auditory and olfactory cues on visual attention toward food images under acute stress

2 Angela Tacinelli: Breakfast, energy, expenditure, and appetite in school‐aged children

3 Annegret Jannasch: Rice fortification by parboiling to alleviate vitamin and mineral deficiency


Guest Speaker: Christian Lemon (Univ. Oklahoma)


Hexirui Wu: Dietary supplementation improves muscle health in an obesogenic condition

Apr. 6

Sarah Mayfield: Physicochemical properties of wines produced from grapes grown in the Southeastern United States

Apr. 13

Aubree Hawley: Nutrient regulation of body composition and metabolic health in adults over 50 years of age

Apr. 20

Soraya Shafiekhani: Rice chilling aeration; Assessment of impacts on grain quality, process modeling and validation

Apr. 27

Deandrae Smith: Heat and mass transfer in parboiled rice during heating with 915 MHz microwave energy and impacts on milled rice properties

Alumni Spotlight

Food Science Alumni Utkarsh Shah is using his Ph.D. at the Hershey Company.

Food Science graduate Utkarsh Shah was recently featured in the annual Bumpers College Alumni publication, The Graduate. Shah's profile covers how his Food Science degree prepared him to work at The Hershey Company.

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