Sensory and Consumer Sciences


The Sensory and Consumer Sciences research program's goal is to conduct basic and applied research aimed toward a better understanding of how sensory cues affect consumer perception and behavior of either food or non-food products from four different perspectives:

  1. within food products
  2. between consumers
  3. under environmental contexts
  4. with respect to consumer behaviors

Since eating is associated with so many aspects of our lives such as food composition, human physiology and environmental factors, the Sensory and Consumer Sciences program was designed to not only examine effects of eating in terms of each such aspect, but also to provide a big-picture understanding of interactions among individual aspects of eating.

Sensory and Consumer Sciences Faculty Researchers:

Han-Seok Seosensory science and consumer testing, eating behavior, food neuropsychophysiology 

Sensory Science Journal Club:

Since March 2020, the Sensory Science Journal Club has been meeting monthly to review recent research advancements in the area of sensory and consumer sciences. Our aim is to unravel the implications of these discoveries for both the food industry and academia.

  • When: 9:00 to 10:00 AM (CST) every second Monday of the month (e.g., November 13, 2023)
  • Location: Virtual (Zoom link will be sent to registrants)
  • Journals: Appetite, Chemical Senses, Food Quality and Preference, Food Research International, Journal of Food Science, Journal of Sensory Studies
  • Registration: Please contact Ms. Lydia Rockers at

Note: This gathering extends a warm invitation to individuals worldwide who share an interest in the captivating intersections of sensory science and the food industry.