Food Systems Engineering


Application of engineering principles for processing of agricultural materials to value-added, finished food products. 

Food systems engineering entails and integrates concepts of unit operations, food processing, food safety, and product development.

Enable food industry to adopt industry 4.0 standards to manufacture and deliver personalized nutritious safe foods economically and sustainably. 


  1. Develop novel processes and products for current and emerging food industries
  2. Enhance efficiency of current and emerging food processing technologies
  3. Enable circular economy of resilient food systems using integrated techno-economic and life cycle analyses
  4. Enhance food safety through process validation and traceability
  5. Deliver personalized nutritious bioavailable foods on demand

Food Systems Engineering Faculty Researchers:

  • Griffiths G. Atungulu: post-harvest systems engineering, grain processing, electromagnetic energy-driven processes (infared, microwaves and UV light)
  • Jeyam Subbiah: radiofrequency and microwave processing, sustainability of food processing
  • Ali Ubeyitogullari: supercritical carbon dioxide technology, 3D food printing, bioactive compounds, food-grade nanomaterials, bioavailability

  • Dongyi Wang: machine vision, artificial intelligence, hyperspectral imaging, robotic and automation