Study Abroad Opportunities


Study Abroad Opportunities

The Food Science Department provides structured international experiences that are relevant to the field of food science. Study abroad enhances the student experience and helps participants gain skills that are highly valued by employers such as communication, flexibility, teamwork, problem-solving and cultural understanding.  Only 1% of students study abroad, so participating in an international experience helps students gain a competitive edge in the job market.

LaSalle Polytechnique


Cooking for Health: From Field to Plate {Beauvais, France}

Study Period: May 17- June 16, 2017 (+ optional four-week internship)
Eligibility: Juniors & Seniors
Program: Students will receive experiential learning in Mediterranean and medieval cooking, sustainable food systems, cooking for health, and French cheese, yogurt and bread making. This program also includes field trips to local farms and farmers' markets as well as a two-day trip to Paris and Versailles. For a full description of the program, see the LaSalle program flyer.  
Costs: $2,300 + airfare 
Application: Visit the Hogs Abroad LaSalle program page and click "Apply Now" to begin the application process. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2017. Scholarships are available through the Food Science Department. 

TU Graz

faculty and staff at TU Graz

Food Science and Culinary Arts to Maximize Food Quality {Graz, Austria}

Study Period: July 9- July 21, 2017 
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Program: This multidisciplinary summer short course promotes international awareness and understanding of how the application of chemical, physical and biological principles with the culinary arts can maximize food quality. Students will participate in a multidisciplinary, multicultural experience featuring lectures, laboratory and kitchen exercises, field work, and group projects working with students from the U.S., Belgium, France, and Austria. Visit the TU Graz website for program details. 
Costs: $900 + UA Tuition + airfare
Application: UA students should submit a complete application to Dr. Meullenet by Friday, January 20, 2017.  


 Cheese-making in Italy

Food Production to Consumption {hosted by University of Florida}

Study Period: June 4-22, 2017
Eligibility: Freshmen- Seniors
Program: Participants will study classical Italian food from production to consumption by visiting a variety of agricultural areas including grape, wine, olive, vegetable, wheat, dairy and cheese-making regions. You will visit Catania and Palermo in Sicily as well as Venice, Bologna, Tuscany, Florence, Siena and Rome. For additional information, visit the University of Florida Study Abroad website