Food Science Seminar

Food Science Seminar is a graduate-level course that allows current food science students to present and discuss their current research projects. Seminars are held at 3:05 pm each Monday in FDSC D2.

2018 Spring Schedule

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
January 5 Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick  
February 12

Vidhya Meganathan

Sarah Jones

Parboiling and fortification of rice using limited water soaking

Evaluation of environmental monitoring tools for recovery of microorganisms from food contact surfaces

February 19

Molly Felts

Samuel Walker

Postharvest marketability of Arkansas fresh-market blackberries harvested at 7 and 12:00

The effect of dietary supplementation on nutrient status in families living in a food insecure environment

February 26

Rebecca Bruce

Functional properties of rice flour generated from parboiled and regular brokens

March 5

Dr. Roland Verhe
University of Ghent

Increasing the value of lipids as renewable resources for food and nonfood products

March 12

 Inah Gu

Soraya Shafiekhani

A comparative study of the anti-inflammatory effects of berry phenolics and volitiles

Assessment of chilling aeration of rice to maintain quality

March 19



March 26



April 2

Brittany Frederick

Wipada Wunthunyarat

The antiproliferative activity of carotenoids, phenolics, and volatiles in carrots

The applications for germinated brown rice

April 9

Wenjun Deng

Matt Chapko

Exploring the interactions between human norovirus and other habitants that are existing on lettuce phylloshere

Effect of product temperature on the sensory perception of foods/beverages

April 16

Danielle Benedict

Effects of Grain Sorghum Polyphenols on Fecal Fermentation


Robert Fuller

Tumeric as a potential antimicrobial and other antimicrobial floor treatments compare for use on food processing environment flooring

April 23 Dylan Martinez Risky Business: Media Content & Millenials' Protection Motivation Factors for Norovirus Outbreaks on College Campuses
 April 30

Wing Lam 

Bioavailability of Bioactive Compounds


Ragita Pramudya

Influences of oral and hand-feel touch cues on sensory perception and emotional responses toward beverage products