Food Science Seminar

Food Science Seminar is a graduate-level course that allows current food science students to present and discuss their current research projects. Seminars are held at 3:05 pm each Monday in FDSC D2.

2019 Spring Schedule

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
January 28 Deandrae Smith Heat and mass transfer in parboiled rice during heating with 915 MHz microwave energy and impacts on milled rice properties
February 4 Seth Acquaah

Impacts of postharvest temperature exposure profiles on rice pasting properties

February 11 Dr. Alvaro Durant

Agricultural trade modeling: Overview and applications 

February 18 Dr. Amanda Perez

What is the FDA FSMA Produce Safety Rule and how does it change practices on Arkansas Farms?

February 25 Jeffrey Clark Validating food establishment risk classification by analyzing heath inspections

March 4

Zephania Odek

Application of glass transition principles and x-ray imaging in understanding fissure formation in rice kernels

March 11

Annegret Jannasch

Rice fortification by parboiling to alleviate vitamin and mineral deficiency

March 11 Aaron Bodie

Potential antimicrobials for controlling Listeria monocytogenes in Frankfurters 

March 18



March 25

Laura Dominique

Berry polyphenols impacts on the gut health and microbiota

April 1

Rebecca Bruce

Impacts of size fractionation and processing on functional characteristics of broken rice kernels
April 1

Robert Fuller

Turmeric compared to commercially available antimicrobial floor treatments for use on food processing environment flooring

April 8

Wipada Wunthunyarat

Application of germinated brown rice in gluten-free products

April 8

Asmita Singh

Influences of autism spectrum disorder on sensory and emotional responses to smell and taste cues

April 15

Shantae Wilson

Selectivity of infrared heat treatment on inactivation of mycotoxigenic fungi on stored grain 

April 22

Andrew Micciche

Alternative acid sanitizer impact on the microbial profile of poultry processing reuse water 

 April 29

Natacha Cureau

Phylogenetic diversity and functional role of grapes indigenous microbiota on fermentation patterns and grape and wine qualities