Sensory & Consumer Science

Dr. Han-Seok Seo

Dr. Han-Seok Seo
Assistant Professor

Research Emphasis: Sensory and Consumer Science

Dr. Seo’s ultimate mission is to contribute to improved quality of life through healthy and joyful eating. The goal of the Sensory and Consumer Science Program is to conduct basic and applied research aimed towards a better understanding of the interactions among humans, food, beverages, and environment in everyday life.

Since eating is associated with so many aspects of our lives, including food composition, human physiology, and environmental factors, the Sensory and Consumer Science Program was designed to not only examine an effect of each such aspect on eating, but also to provide a big-picture understanding of interactions among the individual aspects of eating.

 Current Research Projects: 

  1. “S”: Sensory Evaluation (Food/stimulus aspect)

    (1) To evaluate sensory aspects of foods, beverages, and non-food products as a function of processing and packaging.

    (2) To develop new methodology for assessing sensory aspects of foods, beverages, and non-food products.

  2. “E”: Environmental Influence (Environmental aspect)

    (1) To determine whether environmental contexts, such as culture, ambient music, or lighting, can affect sensory perception and eating behavior.

    (2) To investigate the effect of virtual reality systems on sensory perception and eating behavior.

  3. “O”: Olfaction, Gustation, and Oral Tactile (Human physiological aspect)

    (1) To understand mechanisms underlying chemosensory perception: smell, taste, and trigeminal sensation

    (2) To investigate how chemosensory cues interact with other sensory cues such as vision, audition, and tactile sensation.

    (3) To determine neural mechanisms underlying effects of chemosensory cues on emotion and mental disorder.

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