Research Focus Areas

Research is a vital component of the Department of Food Science and benefits the food industry in Arkansas, the United States and around the world. As a part of the University of Arkansas System’s Division of Agriculture, the Department of Food Science produces research that supports the Division’s mission to “strengthen agriculture, communities, and families by connecting trusted research to the adoption of best practices.” Faculty in the Department of Food Science conduct research in the following areas:

student with beakerFood Chemistry & Biochemistry

  Carbohydrate Chemistry
  Lipid Chemistry
  Protein Chemistry
  Fruit Program
  Functional Foods

Dr. Gibson and Sabastine Arthur in labFood Microbiology & Safety

  Foodborne Pathogens
  Public Health
  Retail Food Safety

milling riceFood Processing & Engineering

  Food Production Sustainability
  Grain Processing
  Rice Processing

measuring energy metabolismNutritional Science

  Energy Metabolism
  Gut Microbiome
  Metabolic Health

sensory testing with panelistsSensory & Consumer Science

  Chemosensory Perception
  Food Neuropsychophysiology
  Eating Behavior
  Sensory & Consumer Testing