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Terry Siebenmorgen

Terry Siebenmorgen

Distinguished Professor, Rice Processing

Director Experiment Station

(FDSC)-Food Science

Phone: 479-575-2841

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Research Emphasis: Rice Processing Program

Program Description
The Rice Processing Program (RPP) is a multidisciplinary, industry-interactive program serving the U.S. and global rice industry. Since its inception in 1994, the RPP has garnered broad-based financial, equipment, and in-kind support from national/ international companies and producer groups. RPP faculty conduct both basic and applied research, encompassing studies in pre-harvest property characterization, drying, storage, milling, and end-use quality assessment, with many projects conducted at field and company locations. The hallmark of the RPP is the Industry Alliance Meeting, held annually on the University of Arkansas campus to report program findings and provide a venue for open discussion of rice industry issues. The RPP Advisory Board, comprising members of sponsoring corporations, meets at least annually to direct Program activities and provide insight to RPP faculty on industry trends and challenges. 

Vision Statement
The University of Arkansas Rice Processing Program will be a premier source of basic and applied research pertaining to post-harvest processing of rice. This vision is to be realized through continued support and involvement of current U.S. and international corporate sponsors of the Program, but also through collaboration with international rice research centers.

Primary Long-range Goals
Long-term goals are to develop improved rice drying systems that minimize milling and functional quality deterioration, maximize drying capacity, and maximize drying energy efficiency. An approach involving mathematical model development, laboratory testing, and field validation will be used.

Ph.D.- University of Nebraska (Engineering)

M.S.- Purdue University (Agricultural Engineering)

B.S.- University of Arkansas (Agricultural Engineering)

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Ondier, G.O., T.J. Siebenmorgen, and A.C. Wiedower.  2011.  Research-scale drying of rough rice using silica gel. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 27(1):99-106.

Distinguished Professor, University of Arkansas, Department of Food Science

University Professor, University of Arkansas, Department of Food Science

Director, University of Arkansas Rice Processing Program

Professor, University of Arkansas, Department of Food Science

Interim Department Head, University of Arkansas, Department of Food Science

Professor, University of Arkansas, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Interim Assistant Director, University of Arkansas, Agricultural Experiment Station

Associate Professor, University of Arkansas, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Phil Williams Applied Research Award, American Assoc. of Cereal Chemists International
Fellow, American Association of Cereal Chemists International

Riceland Foods Inc. Friend of the Farmer

Distinguished Food Engineer Award, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering/Food Processors Supply Association
John W. White Outstanding Research Award (Functional Foods Team)

Fellow, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Inductee, Arkansas Academy of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Spitze Land Grant University Faculty Award for Excellence
ASAE Transactions Superior Paper Award

John W. White Outstanding Research Team Award (Rice Processing Program)