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Jean-Francois Meullenet

Jean-Francois Meullenet

Departmental Chairperson

Director Experiment Station

(FDSC)-Food Science

Phone: 479-575-6919

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Ph.D.- University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia (Food Science and Technology)

B.S.- National Superior School of Agronomy and Food Sciences, Nancy, France (Food Engineering) 

Lawless, L.J.R., A.C. Drichoutis, R.M. Nayga, R.T. Threlfall, and J.F. Meullenet. 2015. Indentifying product attributes and consumer attitudes that impact willingness to pay for a nutraceutical-rich juice product. J. Sensory Studies. 30(2) 156-168.

Saleh, M. and J.F. Meullenet. 2015. Cooked rice temperature and rice flour pasting properties; impacted by rice temperature during milling. J. Food Science and Technology 52(3) 1602-1609.

Kwak, H.S., Meullenet, J.F., Lee Y. 2015. Application of maximum likelihood estimation for first order bias adjustment. J. Sensory Studies 30(1): 68-76.

Lee, Y., Xiong, R., Chang, Y.H., Owens, C.M., Meullenet, J.F. 2014 Effects of cooking methods on textural properties and water-holding capacity of broiler breast meat deboned at various postmortem times. J. Texture Studies 45 (5): 377-386.

Lee, Y., R. Xiong, J.-F. Meullenet. 2014. Prediction of sensory texture of broiler breast meat using spectral stress-strain analysis. International Journal of Food Science and Technology 49:2269-2275.

Crandall, P.G., H.S. Seo, R. Pellegrino, C.A. O’Bryan, J.F. Meullenet, N.S. Hettiarachchy, A. M. Washburn, and G.S. Ranhotra. 2014. Effect of storage temperature on sensory and physicochemical properties of wheat flour fortified with elevated levels of vitamin A in combination with three types of iron. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A 4 (2014): 563-575

Fiegel, A. J.-F. Meullenet, R. J. Harrington, R. Humble and H.S. Seo. 2014. Background music genre can modulate flavor pleasantness and overall impression of food stimuli. Appetite. DOI:10.1016/j.appet.2014.01.079.

Saleh, M. and J.F. Meullenet 2013. Contour presentation of long grain rice degree of milling and instrumental texture during cooking. International Food Research Journal 20(3): 1337-1344.

Hasenbeck, A., S. Cho, J.-F. Meullenet, T. Tokar, E.A. Huddleston and H.-S. Seo. 2013. Color and illuminance level of lighting can modulate willingness to eat bell peppers. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture DOI:10.1002/jsfa.6523

Crandall, P. Han-Seok, S., O'Bryan, C., Meullenet, J.F., Hettiarachchy, N.S., McCain, A., Ranhotra, G. 2013. Physicochemical analysis of wheat flour fortified with vitamin A and three types of iron source and sensory analysis of bread using these flours. J Sci. Food Agric. 93(9):2299-307

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Lawless, L.J.R., R.T. Threlfall, L.R. Howard, and J.-F. Meullenet. 2013. Applying a mixture design for consumer optimization of black cherry, concord grape and pomegranate juice blends. J. Sensory Studies 28:102-112.

Lee, Y., C. Findlay, and J.-F. Meullenet. 2013 Experimental Considerations for the use of check-all-that-apply questions the sensory properties of orange juices. International Journal of Food Science and Technology 48(1):215-219.

Kuttappan, V.A., V.B. Brewer, A.Mauromoustakos, S. R. McKee, J.L. Emmert, J.F. Meullenet, and C. M. Owens.  2013. Estimation of factors associated with the occurrence of white striping in broiler breast fillets.  Poult. Sci. 92(3):811-9.

Mony, P., T. Tokar, P. Pang, A. Fiegel, J.-F. Meullenet, H-S. Seo. 2013. Temperature of served water can modulate sensory perception and acceptance of food. Food Quality and Preference 28:449-455.

Schuring, E., F. Quadt, E.M.R. Kovacs, J.-F. Meullenet, S. Wiseman, D.J. Mela. 2012. A quantitative method for estimating and comparing the duration of human satiety response: statistical modeling and application to liquid meal replacers. Appetite 59(2):601-9. DOI:10.1016/j.appet.2012.07.003

Lawless, L.J.R.,R.T. Threlfall, J.-F. Meullenet, and L.R. Howard. 2012. Consumer-Based Optimization of blackberry, blueberry, and Concord juice blends.  Journal of Sensory Studies, 27:439-450.

Lawless, L.J.R., R. M. Nayga, Jr., F. Akaichi, J.-F. Meullenet, R.T. Threlfall, and L.R. Howard.  2012. Willingness-to-pay for a nutraceutical-rich juice blend.  J. Sensory Studies 27: 375-383.

Lawless, L.J.R., R.T. Threlfall, L.R. Howard, and J.-F. Meullenet.  2012.  Sensory, compositional, and color properties of nutraceutical-rich juice blends.  Am. J. Enol. Vitic.  63(4): 529-537.

Saleh, M. and J-F. Meullenet 2013. Broken Rice Kernels and the Kinetics of Rice Hydration and Texture during Cooking. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 93 (7): 1673-1679.

Jarvis, N., A.R. Clement, C.A. O’Bryan, D. Babu, P.G. Crandall, C.M. Owens, J.-F. Meullenet, and S.C. Ricke. 2012. Dried plum products as a substitute for forphosphate in chicken marinade. J. Food Science 77:S253-S257.

Billiris, M.A., T.J. Siebenmorgen, J.-F. Meullenet, A. Mauromoustakos. 2012. Rice degree of milling effects on hydration, texture, sensory and energy characteristics. Part 1. Cooking using excess water. J. Food Eng. 113:559-568.

Dooley, L.M. R.T. Threlfall, J.F. Meullenet, and L.R. Howard. 2012. Compositional and sensory impact from blending red wine varietals. Am. J. Enol. Vitic. 63(2):241-250.

Lee, Y.S., Z.G. Zhekov, C.M. Owens, M. Kim and J.F. Meullenet. 2012. Effects of partial and complete replacement of sodium chloride with potassium chloride on the texture, flavor and water-holding capacity of marinated broiler breast fillets. J. Texture Studies 43:124-132.

Brewer, V.B., J. L. Emmert, J-F. C. Meullenet, C. M. Owens.  2012. Small bird programs: Impact of phase-feeding, strain, gender and debone time on meat quality of broilers.  Poult. Sci. 91:499-504 

May 2010- present
Professor and Head, Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas
Director, Institute of Food Science and Engineering

January 2014- October 2014
Interim Head, Department of Horticulture, University of Arkansas

December 2008- May 2010
Interim Head, Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas

June 2008- present
Professor, Sensory Science, Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas

July 2006- present
Holder, Endowed Distinguished Professorship in Sensory Science, University of Arkansas

July 2002- June 2008
Associate Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas

August 1996- June 2002
Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas

2013- present
IFT Higher Education Review Board (Chair 2015-2016)

LEAD21 Graduate

2008- present
IFT Council of Food Science Administrators (Chair 2011-2012)

2006- present
Tyson Foods Endowed Distinguished Professorship in Sensory Science

2010- 2014
Editorial Board Member, Food Quality and Preference 

2009- 2012
Editor in Chief, Sensory Wiki, Society for Sensory Professionals

2008- 2013
Associate Editor, Journal of Food Science, Sensory and Food Quality

Outstanding Faculty Member, Department of Food Science

John White Team Research Award, University of Arkansas

Outstanding Research Award, Department of Food Science

1995- present
Member, Institute of Food Technologists (Scientific Program Committee 2007-2008, Peer Reviewed Publications Committee 2006-2008)

Department of Food Science Outstanding Teaching Awards (3)