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Griffiths G. Atungulu

Griffiths G. Atungulu

Associate Professor, Food Processing and Post-Harvest System Engineering

Director Experiment Station

(FDSC)-Food Science

Phone: 479-575-6843

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The focus of Dr. Atungulu's research is to engineer effective strategies to maintain grain (rice, corn, soybean and grain-sorghum) quality and prevent mycotoxin development, especially in on-farm, in-bin drying and storage systems.

Specific points addressed in Dr. Atungulu's research include:

  1. Studying  kinetics  of  grain  quality  degradation, mold  growth,  and  mycotoxin development during on-farm, in-bin drying and storage of grains
  2. Determination of accurate EMC models for use in the new on-farm, in-bin drying and storage systems
  3. Use of mathematical modeling to optimize performance of the on-farm, in-bin grain drying and storage systems
  4. Development of novel techniques for detection, decontamination, and detoxification of harmful grain molds and mycotoxins

FDSC 4754: Engineering Principles of Food Processing

Ph.D.- Iwate University, Japan (Agricultural Engineering, Bioresources Technology)

M.S.- Iwate University, Japan (Agricultural Engineering)

B.S.- Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya (Agricultural Engineering)

Most recent publications:

G.G. Atungulu, H. Zhong, S. Thote, A. Okeyo, A. Couch, S. Sadaka, T. Siebenmorgen. 2015. Microbial Prevalence on Freshly Harvested Long-Grain Hybrid, Long-Grain Pure-Line, and Medium-Grain Rice. Rice Quality and Processing. B.R. Wells - Arkansas Rice Research Studies 2014, Research Series 626, 306-313.

Yanyan Zhang, Bei Wang,  Cunshan Zhou, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Kangkang Xu, Haile Ma, Mohammed A.Y. Abdualrahman. 2015. Surface topography, Nano-mechanics and Secondary structure of wheat gluten pretreated by alternate dual-frequency ultrasound and the correlation to enzymolysis. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, In Press, doi:10.1016/j.ultsonch.2015.11.010. 

Atungulu Griffiths, Koide Shoji, Shantae Wilson. Fumigation of Brown Rice with Volatiles from Bee Propolis and Impact on Storage Characteristics. J Nutrition Health Food Sci 3(2): 1-9. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15226/jnhfs.2015.00136.

Wilson S. A., Atungulu, G.G., Couch, A., Sadaka, S.  Radiant heating and tempering treatments for improving rate of moisture removal during drying of shelled corn.  American Society of Biological and agricultural Engineers, Applied Engineering Journal, 31(5), 799-808. DOI 10.13031/aea.31.11243.

Lawrence, J., Atungulu, G.G., Siebenmorgen, T.J. 2015. Modeling In-Bin Rice Drying using Natural-Air and Controlled-Air Drying Strategies. Transaction of American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, 58(4), 1103-1111. DOI 10.13031/trans.58.10911.

Griffiths G. Atungulu, HouMin Zhong, Anne Okeyo, Supriya Thote. Prevalence of Molds on Freshly- harvested Long-grain Pureline, Hybrid and Medium-grain Rice Cultivars. American Society of Biological and agricultural Engineers, Applied Engineering Journal, 31(6), DOI 10.13031/aea.31.11216.

Zhongli Pan, Xuan Li, Ragab Khir, Hamed M. El-Mashad, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Tara H. McHugh, Michael Delwiche. A pilot scale electrical infrared dry-peeling system for tomatoes: Design and performance evaluation. Biosystems Engineering 137 (2015) 1-8. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.biosystemseng.2015.06.003.

Chandrasekar Venkitasamy, Hui Ean Teh, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Tara H. McHugh, Zhongli Pan. 2014. Optimization of mechanical extraction conditions for producing grape seed oil. Transactions of the ASABE (FPE-10570-2014, Accepted, in press).

Bei Wang, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Ragab Khir, Jingjing Geng, Haile Ma, Yunliang Li, Bengang Wu. 2015. Ultrasonic treatment effect on enzymolysis kinetics and activities of ACE-inhibitory peptides from oat-isolated protein, Food Biophysics Journal,10(3), 244-252.

Atungulu G.G., Hui Ean Teh, Wang Tianxin, Wang Xiaotuo, Ragab Khir, and Pan Zhongli. 2014. Infrared Pre-drying and Dry-dehulling of Walnuts for Improved Processing Efficiency and Product Quality. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Journal- Applied Engineering in Agriculture, Vol 29(6), 1-11.

Shao, D., G.G. Atungulu, Z. Pan, Y. Yue, A. Zhang, and Z. Fan. 2014. Characteristics of isolation and functionality of protein from tomato pomace produced with different industrial processing methods. Food and Bioprocess Technology: An International Journal. 7(2):532-541.

Griffiths G. Atungulu and Zhongli Pan. 2014. Rice industrial processing worldwide and impact on macro- and micronutrient content, stability, and retention. ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Issue: Technical Considerations for Rice Fortification in Public Health, 1324 (2014) 15–28, doi: 10.1111/nyas.12492.

Bei Wang, Ragab Khir,  Zhongli Pan, Hamed El-Mashad, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Haile Ma, Tara H Mchugh, Wenjuan Qu, Bengang Wu. Effective Disinfection of Rough Rice Using Infrared Radiation Heating. Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 77, No. 9, 2014, Pages 1538-1545 doi: 10.4315/0362-028X.JFP-14-020.

 Bengang Wu, Haile Ma, Wenjuan Qu, Bei Wang, Xin Zhang, Peilan Wang, Juan Wang, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Zhongli Pan. (2014). Catalytic Infrared and Hot Air Dehydration of Carrot Slices. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 37 (2014), 111–121.

Xuan Li, Ang Zhang, Griffiths Atungulu, Tara McHugh, Michael Delwiche, Shuang Lin, Liming Zhao, Zhongli Pan. 2014. Characterization and Multivariate Analysis of Physical Properties of Processing Peaches. Food and Bioprocess Technology (Impact Factor: 4.12). Volume 7, Issue 6, pp 1756-1766. DOI:10.1007/s11947-014-1269-y.

Ragab Khir, Zhongli Pan, Griffiths G. Atungulu, James F. Thompson. (2014). Characterization of physical and aerodynamic properties of walnuts. Transaction of ASABE. Vol 57(1):53-61.

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August 2013- present
Assistant Professor of Grain Process Engineering, Food Science Department, University of Arkansas- Fayetteville

January 2012- August 2013
Associate Project Engineer (Affiliated Academic Federation Faculty), Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department, University of California- Davis

August 2006- August 2008
Research Scientist/Engineer, Japanese Society of Promotion of Sciences, Kyushu University, Japan

Best Paper Award at the XVIIth World Congress of the International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR) hosted by the Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE/SCGAB) Québec City, Canada, June 13-17, 2010.