Food Science Seminar

Food Science Seminar is a graduate-level course that allows current food science students to present and discuss their current research projects. Seminars are held at 3:05 pm each Monday in FDSC D2.

Spring 2017 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of Presentation
January 30     Morgan Davis The effect of oxygen on bile resistance in Listeria monocytogenes and the potential use of prebiotics to reduce transmission of Campylobacter
February 6 Tony Stankus, PhD

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February 13

Danielle Ashley

Effects of grain sorghum polyphenols on fecal fermentation


Aubree Worden

Effects of protein supplementation and physical activity based on body composition, cardiometabolic health, and strength with masters athletes 

February 20

Brittany Frederick

Antiproliferative activities of carotenoids, phenolic compounds, and volatile terpenoids in carrots


Ragita Pramudya

Effects of tactile congruency with other sensory cues on the perception and acceptance of food products

February 27

Sangeeta Mukhopadhyay

Experimental simulation of a cross-flow rice drying column


Jeffrey Clark

Assessing the predictive validity of goal setting theory for determining handwashing compliance among food handlers

March 6 Molly Felts

Fresh-market evaluation of Arkansas grown: peaches, table grapes, and muscadine grapes

  Hexirui Wu

The role of nutritional modulation on skeletal muscle health in chronic diseases

March 13 Lindsey Rodhouse

Phylogenetic diversity of the bacterial and fungal communities in craft beer

  Strick Edwards

Physicochemical properties and evaluation of soy protein hydrolysates and stability with encapsulated probiotics


March 27

Zeph Odek

Fissuring kinetics of rough rice kernels as observed through x-ray imaging


Nathan Wideman

Virulent gene expression of VBNC Listeria monocytogenes

April 3

Ana Gonzalez

Effects of chemical and enzymatic modifications on starch and naringenin complexation


Kate Wilkes

Establishing parboiling conditions necessary to achieve therapeutic levels of iron fortification in parboiled rice

April 10

Inah Gu

Anti-inflammatory effect of berry essences


Mohammed Aldoury

Extraction, purification, and identification of phenolics from brans of selected red and brown rice cultivars and investigation of their bioactivities

April 17

Seth Ellsworth

High pressure processing: Measured for quality difference, consumer behavior and sustainability for dairy products


Wing Shun Lam

Bioavailability of bioactive components